Working space of WordPress developers

That night, too, there was another jetting out of gas from the distant planet. I saw it. A reddish flash at the edge, the slightest projection of the outline just as the chronometer struck midnight; and at that I told Ogilvy and he took my place. The night was warm and I was thirsty, and I went stretching my legs clumsily and feeling my way in the darkness, to the little table where the siphon stood, while Ogilvy exclaimed at the streamer of gas that came out towards us.

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Verizon’s Nexus 6 could arrive very soon

Are you a Verizon subscriber holding out for a Nexus 6 on Big Red? Well, your wait might be over pretty soon. Leaked in-store marketing materials are starting to float about and Verizon auto-uploaded a promo video for the handset (now made private) to its YouTube channel, as spotted by Phandroid. Apparently those banners and related items are set to display come March 11th with the device
Releasing the next day. What’s more, Phandroid’s sources say that when the launch does happen, Moto’s big-screen device’ll pack Verizon’s enhanced LTE service (voice over LTE) and Lollipop 5.1. Until the Nexus 6 actually hits your local Verizon store, maybe watch our video review (below) again — it’ll make the wait exactly 3:48 shorter.

YouTube’s new video trimming tool makes mobile edits a breeze

Even in the ideal setting, it’s nearly impossible to get the perfect piece of footage that won’t require edits. Those changes can be tough to tackle on mobile, but thanks to a YouTube update, perfecting a short video just got easier.

Android users, rejoice!

We’re proud to introduce a new video-trimming feature and inline video previews for our app.  Now you can select the exact frame where the video starts and ends, giving you precise control of your trims in a simple, intuitive way.

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Rich sound with bass prominence


The MDR-1R headphones are full-size and over-the-ear, with racetrack-shaped ear cushions designed to completely enclose your ears (that’s not always the case with full-size headphones). The user-replaceable ear cushions are unusually soft and pliant, so the MDR-1Rs are quite comfortable and provide a better-than-average seal to block external noise

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How to Upload Sounds to SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an audio platform which allows you to share your favorite music or your original composition to other people. It is a good avenue for budding artists to freely promote their songs or music for others to hear. The platform has a Web and mobile version allowing you to upload, download, promote, or record your own songs anytime, anywhere. Here is how to upload your sounds to SoundCloud.

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Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.__Mark Twain

New iOS6 Features In Mobile Safari

If you’ve had half an eye on the tech press over the last few weeks, you’ll be aware of the update to iOS, or at least of its replacement of Google maps with the new iOS Maps app.

Stories of parks appearing where once there were roads, seas disappearing and more, abound. I’m not going to wade into the debate about whether or not Apple should have done this or whether the new app is an improvement or not, but instead I’m going to focus on the update to mobile Safari — and specifically, what it means for Web developers.



So, What’s To Like?

Admittedly, the latest version of Safari doesn’t make such great strides as the previous update did, but there are some tools in there which will be of use or interest to developers. These include:

  • File upload,
  • Full screen mode in landscape,
  • Web audio,
  • CSS images,
  • Web inspector.

Lets take a look at each of these in turn and give some ideas of how you could be using them in your projects.

File Upload

I developed a website this summer which was a fun, quick project designed to help a group of friends I was on holiday with (there was quite a crowd of us and it included geeks, so bear with me). The website included a gallery page, where we could upload photos we’d taken during the holiday. Unsurprisingly, this consisted mainly of shots taken late at night of people doing daft things after a few drinks, but that’s by the by. The frustrating thing about this page was that no one could upload photos to it from their phone. People had to email them to me and I uploaded them via my WordPress app, but even that was a messy process.

The reason for this was that it was impossible to upload images, or any files, via Safari running on iOS5. It just wasn’t supported by the browser.

The good news is that with iOS6, this has changed. If you add a form to your website which includes a field to upload files, your users can do it. At present they can only upload images or video — after all, iOS doesn’t include the kind of file management you’d need to upload other kinds of documents, although this could change in the future as iCloud support becomes more integrated with Safari.

Useful Talks And Videos From Web Design Conferences

As a Web professional, you can get great inspiration from a good conference session. While conferences may not bring value to all industries, the Web industry is stacked high with inspirational experts and quiet little geniuses beavering away from small home offices. A good Web conferenceshines a light on these clever souls and promotes professional growth and shared knowledge.The number of conferences surrounding the

Web design and development field continues to grow as new processes, techniques and other shared experiences, turned learning opportunities, are always presenting themselves throughout the industry.

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Case Study: PixelMogul, A Simulation Game For iOS

Are you a web designer or developer who dreams about creating a mobile game and bringing it to the app store? We have good news: Your road to the app store might be shorter than you think! And if you can recall your experience with ActionScript and the Flash platform from days of old, then you’ll even have a shortcut.

Building a native app with Flash might sound weird at first. In this article, we will share some insights on how we built a game for iOS that is written entirely in ActionScript.

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